Building Amazon affiliate sites can be downright exhausting!

First you do the research… Then you build the site… Then you try every method under the sun to try to get traffic to your site.

You wait impatiently day after day.

You refresh your Amazon Associate’s account every hour.

What do the earnings say this time? NOTHING!

Look – I’ve sat where you are sitting right now. In fact, two years ago I was working as a construction worker…

…The truth is that my boss was an idiot!

I was always worried about pissing him off if I made any mistakes or showed up late on a rare occasion. All the guys on the job knew he was ruthless. He was born into big money and had no clue how to run a business.

I was at the end of my rope. I knew there had to be something better for me to make a steady income – something I could control how much money I made and do it from home.

But I made a TON of mistakes… trying to make money online.

My wife was NOT happy about all the charges from my losing PPC marketing campaigns that flooded our credit card bills.

I knew I had to pay off those credit card bills, PRONTO!

The fact was that I was still chained to working my construction job. I had to keep ‘working for the man’ to pay our bills and keep a roof over our heads.

So whatever I tried to do to make a little money on the side:

  • had to be something that was easy for me to figure out
    (I had only a high school education)
  • and it had to be something I could do when I had time
    (when I had time off from my job)
  • and it had to be something that would continue to make money whether I worked on it or not.

I remember…

The next few weeks were a complete blur.

I buried my head into all the material Ryan was throwing at me. I was learning things that I didn’t even know existed out there – all white hat and all profitable.

I was working more efficiently than ever and applying each method that Ryan taught me.

The results were MIND BOGGLING!

My wife finally forgave me when we logged into my Amazon Associate’s account. Her eyes got huge when she saw the check that was about to be sent to us.

This was when I had my “ah ha” moment. Let us help you have your “ah ha” moment!

From Ed Mochrie and Ryan Martin

Dear Soon-to-be Amazon Superstar,

What if creating a profitable income stream from Amazon was as simple as following a step-by-step battle plan?

Let’s face the facts though – When you and I build Amazon sites, they have to overcome a HUGE obstacle…

…The dreaded Google ‘site-eating animal of the month’!

This ruthless Google critter will drag your Amazon sales commissions down the gutter and gobble them right up if you don’t know what you’re doing. You’ve probably had this profit killing experience before.

So why in the heck would you invest your time and build a ‘dinky’ little Amazon site that some new Google Critter will rip to shreds?

You won’t!

Because we are building white-hat Amazon authority sites that Google will love more than Miley Cyrus loves attention.

I will set your mind at ease right away, because even AFTER Google’s hungry critters tried to sink their sharp teeth into MY Amazon Affiliate sites they ran howling for the hills!

Why? Because…

Do I have your full attention?

Ok, good. Now it gets even better…

…The really cool thing is that Amazon is the BEST in getting buyers to buy their products.

AMAZON is a MASTER at closing sales, so it makes you getting your FAIR SHARE of Amazon Affiliate commissions very simple.

But only if you set up your Amazon Affiliate sites PROPERLY. Now, pay attention.

This is where 99.9% of Amazon Affiliates FAIL!

You need to know exactly how to pick the right low competition and the best high converting to sales products and how to write review articles that get the CLICK!

The really ‘sweet thing’ is after I build a site and they are making money for me… I don’t touch them! Not unless I want to add a couple more review pages of cool new, high converting products! And that only makes me more money! And I can do a new page for a new product in minutes!

But wait…

What if you already have some Amazon sites up and you just wished they made you some decent money!

Lucky for you I’m here to help you with that…

If not then you are ‘missing a critical piece of the puzzle’!

Because it only takes common sense to know ‘something’ is wrong that is preventing you from making sales!

I will show you how to revitalize your old Amazon sites with new low competition products that are in high demand, and which more easily convert to sales — so YOU START BANKING A STEADY AND CONSISTENT INCOME.

Azon Cash Code Niche Research

  • Forget all rehashed crap ‘the other Amazon Marketing Gurus’ tell you about creating Amazon Review Sites! *This* down and dirty 7 step method for building *bullet-proof* Amazon Review Sites is proven to work to make steady and consistent money month after month!
  • I’ll take you by the hand and guide you step by step with my proven niche research methods that only take minutes to do! Even if you have never done ANY niche research before you will find my instruction simple and easy to apply. These methods work to even help revive old Amazon sites.
  • Find out what I use to view current BUYING TRENDS to be sure I NAIL MY RESEARCH. How I DOUBLE CHECK the current popularity of a NICHE and ZERO IN ON HOT IN DEMAND SUB-NICHES. I reveal my not so common research methods sure to WOW you!
  • The #1 thing you must do right to find the ‘hot, ready and willing to buy targets’ inside your sub-niche. WARNING: Doing this wrong will get you lots of traffic ‘tire-kickers’ but no click-throughs – and NO SALES!
  • Discover how you can ‘quickly simplify’ your sub-niche research and target the right HIGH DEMAND and LOW COMPETITION products to promote — even if you have never done any niche research before!

Fool proof Domain Research

  • Confused about what domain name to pick to launch your new AZON CASH CODE SITE? Here are the two requirements you need for finding the perfect market filled with hungry buyers AND HOW TO FIND THE RIGHT DOMAIN NAME TO ENSURE THEY FIND YOUR SITE!
  • My fool-proof system for picking the ‘best domain name to match your buyer targeted keywords’. Implement this matching technique and you’ll eliminate any anxiety about how to pick the right high traffic + high converting domain name!
  • You don’t need to waste time and energy brain-storming what your competitors are doing. Just do this instead.
  • The power of multiple, quick to make review sites when linked together help define your marketing reach, when done right will give your site instant Google ranking and high popularity. Little known tricks for boost your Google ranking in days instead of weeks!
  • It’s the keyword research strategy that makes or breaks your campaigns. I reveal my private strategies in this training!

Amazon Site Mistakes To Avoid

  • My private #1 method for creating a kick-ass AZON CASH CODE Site to rise to the top of any niche on Google and making your Review Pages ‘more sticky! …(It’s simple to do once you know how…)
  • I’ll show you EXACTLY how to avoid one of the BIGGEST MISTAKES NEWBIES MAKE! And it all starts with their Amazon Affiliate Account Setup!
  • Discover my absolute killer strategies only a few top Amazon Marketers are taking advantage of to get their Amazon Sites TO CONVERT TO SALES!

Proper Azon Cash Code Setup

  • What are the free resources I use to build my AZON CASH CODE Sites? (Once you learn what these are, you’ll never waste money on paying for new themes or designs to be created when you can easily use them yourself.)
  • Confused about page creation? I show you my own private AZON CASH CODE LAYOUTS and why these convert higher than any others I have tested.
  • What WP plugins do I use? Find out inside the training!
  • Creating a new WP blog the right way to build an AZON CASH CODE Site isn’t as hard as you think. Just follow these simple steps and you can do it in under 10 minutes!
  • How to get the click at the end of your review page that converts into click-throughs to your Amazon affiliate links.

Azon Cash Code WP site Building

  • Tricks to making your review pages engaging enough and so easily convert Discover little know tricks to convert ‘tire kickers’ into visitors who buy the products you promote!
  • A step-by-step blueprint for your complete AZON CASH CODE Sites! Everything you need to know: for building review pages properly and creating the proper optimized title, # of keyword phrases and length of characters to use and how to write a site description so web surfers can find your site at the top of Google!
  • 3 tricks to make your review pages more sticky!
  • Must know WP Site settings to ensure your pages are seen by ‘buyers who want to buy what you are selling!
  • 2 “never break” rules for using affiliate links, images, audio and video snippets.

Step To #1 Google to rank

  • My #1 tricks for sucking PR from other competitor’s sites! And it only takes about 5 minutes to do once you know how!
  • SEO link buying and why unique IP addresses are critical. Little known things Google does to check your links and where your links goto!
  • Most Amazon Affiliate Marketers get it wrong with Google. Here is the *right way* to create your review pages so your site can STAY AT THE TOP FOR WEEKS AND WEEKS!
  • 3 “work smarter” tricks that can double your traffic without doubling your effort. And the best part is the websites I use give me ‘free traffic’ that Google Loves!
  • How you can boost your Google ranking to Page 1 in less than 3 days! I’ll reveal my methods for fast Google ranking, including where I buy backlinks and why and what to watch out for!

My Review Page Secrets

  • 5 critical EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS YOU HAVE TO WRITE ABOUT ON EVERY Product Review Page! The good news is it is simple to do, and you can split test multiple page versions — super fast!
  • All Review Pages are NOT created equal. Find out why MY Review Pages Convert higher and what your old site’s review page is missing and HOW TO FIX IT TO REVITALIZE YOUR SITE AND START MAKING MONEY!
  • If you don’t want to do all the work yourself, I cover how to find the most reliable outsourcers. Learn the 7 things I look for before I will hire one and why they are critical to getting the work done right.
  • I’ll take you by the hand and show you the ‘smart way’ to hook the short attention span of your visitors and get them to click through to Amazon ready to — PUNCH IN THEIR CREDIT CARD NUMBERS and BUY!
  • Quick Methods for making EVEN MORE MONEY! SELL SOME OF YOUR LOWER PERFORMING SITES ON FLIPPA.COM and use that money to Outsource building better, higher converting sites.

Advance Azon Cash Methods

  • 6 outsourcing tips to keep in mind when outsourcing your video creation, social bookmarking, backlinks, article writing and image creation.
  • If you don’t want to do all the work yourself, I cover how to find the most reliable outsourcers. Learn the 7 things I look for before I will hire one and why they are critical to getting the work done right.
  • 3 ways to *steal* the best ideas from your competitors and use them to grow your own Azon Cash Code business.
  • Tips for advertising on other forums and review sites to suck traffic from competitor’s pages to your site pages.
  • You get the complete AZON CASH CODE Training Package – with even more need to know information, too numerous to list here!

To sweeten the deal, I’m throwing in these two custom bonus items:

It’s taken me over two years to learn and create this incredible Amazon and Google Marketing package. I’ve personally spent over $10,000 on numerous Amazon ebook and Amazon video marketing products over the last two years and I have tried and tested and PROVEN what works.

And that is what you will receive today.

You’ll get this entire package for a small, one-time investment of only:

Azon Cash Code

What’s My Guarantee?

I’m offering an unconditional, no-hassle, no fine print 30-day money back guarantee.
If you don’t like this course for any reason, just ask for your money back. But after you follow the training and get your first AZON CASH CODE site up and it is making money, I doubt I can pry the course from your cold-money-grubbing hands!

Okay here’s a recap of what’s included:

Azon Cash Code

Here’s to seeing your first Amazon Affiliates Check In Your Mailbox!

I wish you much success and prosperity!

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